Alaska The Last Frontier

One of the nicest things about exploring Alaska using the Space Available mode of travel is you do not have to apply for a visa, or any other type of travel documents, as it is part of the good old United States of America. Visitors to Alaska for the first time will be amazed at its unspoiled beauty.  Elmendorf Air Force Base is located in Alaska, and is the portal to which you will travel through if you travel to Alaska on Space A travel.  It is located right next to the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage. Elmendorf AFB is the Headquarters for Alaskan Command of NORAD, and has a variety of active duty Air Wing and Air Force groups that are stationed there. Anchorage is a good place to start your vacation.  It has literally thousands of rooms available at any given time for tourist visitors, and it is a large city while still being part of the wilderness that Alaska is famous for.  Nearly forty percent of the entire population of Alaska lives in Anchorage, and it houses around 360,000 residents in the entire metropolitan area.  Anchorage is located to the North of the Alaska Peninsula, and lies nearly directly to the south of Beautiful Mount McKinley.  Located on a strip of coastal lowlands, Anchorage occupies an area larger than the state of Rhode Island.  It is on the lower edge of the Chugach Mountains. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and various alpine sports are all available within a short distance of Anchorage.  It has a climate that is sub-arctic, and features short, cool summers. There is a short growing season of about 100 days in the Anchorage region, and there is a great deal to see and visit when you travel to Anchorage.  Anchorage is the land of the midnight summer sun, because of its position on the Earth during the summer the days are very long, and in the winter the nights are also equally long. The wildlife is wonderful in Alaska. There is even a lot of wildlife believe it or not that you can see in Anchorage and close by the city.  It is believed that over 250 black bears and as many as 60 grizzly bears live in the immediate vicinity of Anchorage.  Bears are seen and sighted on a daily basis even within the city.  Moose and Caribou are often seen, and in the Anchorage Bowl area there is a summer moose population of about 250.  In the wintertime the population of Moose swells to close to 1000. There are a great number of moose killed by automobiles each year.




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