Australia The Land Down Under

To travel down below the equator, to the land down under, takes a little bit of an adventurer spirit.  You can ride via the Space Available program to Australia, and arrive at RAAF Base Richmond, Australia. To travel to Australia you will need a visa, or a short-term electronic travel authority.  An ETA is a document issued by the Australian Government that allows you to spend up to 90 days in Australia. With the advent of the Internet the Government of Australia now has made it available to apply for an ETA online. The RAAF base that is located at Richmond, Australia is located in the city of Hawkesbury at the northwest edge of Sydney.  The base is located between the towns of Richmond and Windsor. It was the site of the first RAAF military flying school in 1916 and in 1925 became the RAAF’s second base of operations.  RAAF Richmond was very important during the time period before, during and after World War II.  After the war many of the RAAF aircraft took up station at the base, including Boeing 707, C-130 Hercules, and other various aircraft in the RAAF arsenal. The Land of Australia has a fascinating history. Not very far away is the most populated city in Australia, Sydney. There are about 4 million people that live in Sydney, and it is the home of many different things to see and do. Sydney has the world famous Sydney Opera House, and a fine harbor.  The city was constructed around Port Jackson, and helped establish its reputation at “the harbor city”.  The businesses and infrastructure in Sydney include tourism, media, business and property services, manufacturing, and other industry. Australia and Sydney in particular is known for its fine beaches and landmarks. The Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are both known worldwide and the specific configuration of the clamshell like roof of the opera house is recognizable around the world. Traveling in Sydney is made easier due to the fact that English is the major language spoken.  They have quite a different accent, one that takes a bit of getting used to, but at least it is recognizable as the English language. Sydney has played host to the world on many occasions.  It was host to the 1938 British Empire Games, the Olympics made a visit in the year 2000, and it hosted the Rugby World Cup in the year 2003.  Sydney itself has hundreds of tourist spots to visit, from entertainment to shopping, to tours and trips that travel to other parts of Australia.




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