The Importance of the US Navy Nurse

Working in the United States Navy means you will have a few different great benefits which will come standard with the position. One of the benefits every sailor is afforded right when they join the service is medical benefits. You will have the right to be seen by some of the best and the smartest in the medical industry. Making this possible is the fact the Navy hires and trains some of the most talented Nurses in the world.

Bright Future in Nursing

If there is one career field which is constantly in demand all over the world, it is for qualified nurses. When you are trained through the United States Navy to be a nurse, you will be able to help out the sailors and their families while you are in the service. You will also be able to go as far as you would like to go in your Navy career. Outside of the Navy, you will still find your skills in high demand which will help you to get a job and stay employed.

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Helping Others

The reason why most people get into nursing is because they would like to establish relationships with those they are caring for and help them to recover. This is something the US Navy will not only need you to do, you will be rewarded well for providing your excellent services to those in need. Click on the link above to find out more.




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Hello I am very interestesd in joining the Navy for nursing I’m a medical assistant and I’m 23 yrs old. I have registered to get information in the past but when I spoke with one of the recruiters like 2 months ago over the phone. He asked me many questions and I answered them. He then went on and asked me if I’ve ever been introuble with the law and I was very honest and I told him that in early January of this year I had a DUI and am in probation for about 3 yrs depending when I pay off my court fines. He wasn’t to sure if I can join the navy with that so I went on telling him that if he can ask someone higher than him if it was possible for me to join if not if he can call me to let me know because its always been a dream of mine. Since that call I haven’t spoken to cesar from el segundo where he is located at. Can someone please send a message back stating if I can or cannot join and why I can’t and if I ever can join when? Thank you

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Im afraid the general rule is that you have to complete probation before you can join the military. Afterwords it depends on the charges whether or not you can still join, but I believe a DUI isn’t an automatic disqualifier.

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I am curious to know if u ever did join the navy?

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