Explore Ancient Egypt And The Middle East

Space Available travel is an excellent way to travel, and it is possible to visit the Middle East and Egypt using Space a travel. But there is an additional wrinkle that you should be aware of when trying to travel to Egypt in this fashion. When visiting Egypt a visiting Servicemember or Servicemember family has to have a sponsor that is stationed there to act as an escort. And if you wish to depart from East Cairo and travel around on vacation you have to contact the U.S. Embassy and request an access letter. This is available from the Office of Military Cooperation, and is fairly routine to get, but something you must have if you want to vacation and travel in the region. Access to travel on military aircraft on a Space Available basis is a privilege that is given to Uniformed Servicemembers to help with Rest and Relaxation, and is a great way to travel at little or no cost. It is important to remember that it is a privilege not a right, and to be flexible in your travel plans, especially in the area of timing. The United States maintains the 721st Air Mobility Operations Group based at Cairo East Air Base, Egypt. It is a designated operational base and provides operations support for the entire region. The City of Cairo has many things to experience. The word in Arabic means: “The Vanquisher” or can also be translated as “The Triumphant”. Cairo is a large city, and is the capital of the nation of Egypt. The population of Cairo is around 17 million people, and it is well known as a destination for sightseers and travelers from around the world. The area of Cairo and surrounding region is the most populated area in the continent of Africa. Cairo was founded in 969 AD as the area for the Fatimid Caliphs; it was the royal enclosure for them. The Nile River passes through Cairo, and both are located in the Northern region of Egypt, and the Nile forks just north of the city forming the Nile Delta Region. There are literally hundreds of destinations to explore, from the Great Pyramids to the Sphinx, as well as a great many bazaars and marketplaces to wander through. Many of the shopkeepers understand rudimentary English, as it has been a favorite of sightseers and vacationers for many years. The desert west of Giza, is where you can find three great Pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Giza itself.




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