Spain – Gateway to The Mediterranean

One of the most interesting places to travel to on vacation is the nation of Spain.  Located literally on the gateway to the Mediterranean, Spain can be assessed through the Space Available travel system, arriving at Naval Station Rota, Spain. Naval Station Rota is a valuable assess that provides a great deal of support to the U.S. Sixth Fleet and to other U.S. Forces in the region.  Units and members of our Armed Forces that are traveling to Southwest Asia, Germany, Europe or the Middle East often wind up stopping over at Naval Station Rota on their way through.  It is located very close to the Straits of Gibraltar and is nearly exactly the halfway point between Southwest Asia and the United States. The Spanish city of Rota has bout twenty seven thousand people and is located in the Andalusia region, across the Cadiz Bay from the city of Cadiz. Close nearby is the cities of El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chipiona, and Sanlucar. It has an Atlantic Ocean coast and is about halfway from Gibraltar to Portugal.  There are many different archaeological sites throughout the region and in Spain.  Local sites suggest that there may have been a settlement at Rota during the Bronze Age.  The city of Rota is believed to have been founded by the Phoenicians at nearly the same time as the start of nearby Cadiz. The Tartesian empire city referred to, as Astaroth is believed to be where the present day city of Rota is situated. Astaroth was also later called Speculum Rotae by the Romans, and then later just Rota. The area around Naval Station Rota is known for its resort and vacation opportunities, there are eight different hotels and close to two thousand beds available in the city of Rota.  Tourists and sightseers from all over Europe flock to the city during the tourist season, and in the off-season fishing is the main industry. The Naval base is a joint Spanish and United States Navy venture, and first opened its doors in 1955. It is the typical first port of call before going into the Mediterranean Sea for most United States Military Vessels.  The city of Rota has developed a positive relationship with the Naval base.  Nearly 80 percent of the local economy is involved with the base, both for off base housing and provisioning for soldiers and sailors, and for on base jobs for local civilians.




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