The Marines Catch a Ride from the Navy

The United States Marine Corps is the first on the scene to every major conflict throughout history. This does not mean that they will always have the means to get where they need to go without some assistance. The United States Navy has been the traditional means of transportation for the Marines to get to the beaches of the world. This was as true as it was when the troops hit the beaches of Normandy as it is today.

Amphibious Landing Gear

The new landing gear which is used by the United States Navy makes it possible for the land assault teams to hit the beach with more than just the support of small arms fire. The modern landing crafts have the ability to come right up the beach and onto the land. They also have the carrying capacity to carry troops and Bradley fighting vehicles so that the troops will get the support they need.

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Cover Fire

One of the best things that the modern Navy ships can offer is superior firepower which has the ability to devastate a land defense so that the landing team will have a clear path once they come ashore. This has made it possible for the most terrifying group of military combatants to be even more fearsome when they are taking the beaches of the world. Click on the link above to find out about more inter-military operations.




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