Afghanistan Firefight Recalled

Air Force Mechanic Cites Teamwork And Leadership Most of the time the business at hand for Sgt Jason Kimberling involves working on vehicles as a mechanic for the Air Force, serving in Afghanistan.  But during an infamous firefight with the enemy 18 months ago, Sgt. Kimberling stood out as a true hero. Sgt. Kimberling stood off an attack of a larger force of the enemy, and cites teamwork and leadership by people in his unit for their survival. Afghanistan National Police stood shoulder to shoulder in Zabul a little over a year and a half ago, assisting Sgt. Kimberling in an intense fight against a much larger enemy force.  Sgt Kimberling was one of three Airmen, an interpreter, and about thirty-five Afghan National police who fought for over two hours against a force of more than one hundred fifty enemy insurgents. And despite all odds, the Afghanistan National Police and the four Americans won. “We just outlasted, outsmarted and outfought the enemy,” stated Kimberling. “We didn’t have anyone panic, the Afghan National police that I helped train stood their ground with us, and followed the leadership we provided,” said Kimberling. The firefight was on August 8th, 2006, and lasted more than two and a half hours near Zabul, Afghanistan.  This was ironically the largest ground-to-ground firefight involving Air Force personnel since the days of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. “We were blessed, and inflicted about a forty percent rate of casualties on the enemy, and we didn’t lose a single man,” said Sgt. Kimberling.  The fight began when the enemy terrorist fighters ambushed the security group convoy that Sgt. Kimberling was traveling in. Sgt Kimberling is proud to have earned the Bronze Star for his part in the battle.  He is traveling around the world as part of the Department of Defense program, “Why We Serve,” which is currently in its sixth version. Kimberling and the other 11 Servicemembers who are participating in the program are sharing their experiences and stories with businesses, the community, and veterans groups.




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