Secure Your Future as a USAF Security Forces Apprentice

It is hard to feel anything but secure when you are on a United States Air Force base. There are military personnel and vehicles everywhere going to different destinations in a hurry. There are also men and women watching the perimeter and points of entry around the base to keep harmful agents out of the base. Of course, the job of the security force apprentice goes much deeper than just watching for threats entering the base.

Protecting Personnel

Crime on a military base is something which is seldom talked about, but it does happen. When it happens on a US Air Force base, it is the job of the security force personnel members to go about finding the responsible parties and making sure that they will be tried for the crimes that they have committed. This will help the personnel and any families living on base to feel safe and comfortable from outside and within.

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Training and Career

When you are working as a security force apprentice, you will go through initial and on-going training. The education and the experience you will receive will make you a great addition to any security or law enforcement agency around the world. You will also have distinct knowledge which will help you to acquire a degree in criminal justice. This will allow you to do more than just work on the force. Click on the link above to find out more about this and other jobs in the US Air Force.




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I am 19 yrs old, graduating high school in a week and a half, im interested in this field of security forces and would like for some one to contact me as soon as possible clover S.C. 29710 803 222 9483

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