Great Career as a US Army Field Artillery Surveyor

One of the most intimidating parts of the United States Army is the fact that there is an artillery which is the most accurate in the world. The reason why the artillery is so accurate is because there are great pieces of artillery equipment which can be used to accurately fire ammunition at targets up to a mile away. Making sure that the artillery is so accurate is also due in large part to the field location which is given to each piece of equipment.

Picking the Right Spot

A very big part about being a field artillery surveyor is making sure that the artillery is placed in the exact right spot. This will give the artillery division the advantage over the opponent while allowing for more accurate shots to be taken against the opposition. This includes making sure that the ground as well as the elevation of the artillery is correct.

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Surveying the Damage

You will be on site to make sure that not only is the artillery in the right place to begin with. You will also survey the damage to the area from the shots which have been taken already. This will help to make sure that the necessary changes can be made to the location of the artillery. This will give a better advantage to the artillery unit. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career opportunity.




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