Great Career in USMC Air Traffic Control/Air Support

The United States Marine Corpuses aircraft for many different purposes every day. These aircraft are used for everything from transporting troops to running attack missions to transporting equipment where it is needed. With so many aircraft taking off and landing every day from US Marine Corps bases around the world, it can get rather hectic. Keeping everything safe is the job of those working in air traffic control/air support.

Directing Traffic

Keeping all aircraft safe is a full time job. Those assigned to the position will work on making sure that all flights have been cleared for their designated take-off and landing areas. You will also help to make sure that all of the vehicles which are being used will be in the right places as to avoid collisions and to avoid interruptions in the flights which are necessary to the missions being flown every day.

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Coordinating Flights

Because many of the flights which originate from the Marine air bases will be responsible for assisting with the ground crews, it is important that there is a go between which will; understand both sides of the equation. Those working in air support will communicate between the ground troops and the pilots in order to coordinate attacks on enemy forces and to make sure that the targets have been hit once the attack is over. Click on the link above to find out even more great information about this and other great jobs in the US Marine Corps.




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