Safeguarding the World in Navy Biochemistry

There are many great careers available in the United States Navy for those who work in science careers. This is because the job of the US Navy goes well beyond just protecting the world from kinetic weapons like guns and missiles. There are other threats which need to be examined like biological and chemical weapons. There are also forensic considerations which need to be made which only those who are professional Navy biochemists will be able to do.

Identifying and Eliminating Threats

Many of the threats which Navy sailors will face are the threats of violence of a biological nature. These threats include the threat of the use of biological weapons like bombs and other weapons. Of course, more subtle methods can be used to disastrous effects. This includes the use of different diseases which can be spread to the sailors through the use of postage and more. Biochemists in the Navy develop methods to sniff out these threats before they ever pose a threat.

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Assisting Legal Matters

Another vital role of biochemists in the US Navy is to determine when a crime has been committed and how. Your PhD in biochemistry will help you to be able to solve crimes involving determining who committed the crimes or at least evaluating clues like when the crime occurred to help in catching the criminal. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career field.




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