How to be a US Army Human Intelligence Collector

The United States Army is well known for being one of the best fighting forces in the world. One of the things which make the Army so good at what it does is always having access to the best information possible. Gaining the right information is not always easy. It takes the right individual with the right training to get the information which will help to realize threats and potential targets for the troops to focus on. This is the job of the human intelligence collector in the US Army.

The Right Training

Making sure you know how to go about getting information from people in a safe manner is possible thanks to a nineteen week advanced training course. You will go through the advanced training course right after you go through basic training so that you will have basic understanding of military procedures. You will learn how to collect information from individuals as well as how to prepare reports in regards to what you find out.

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Intuitive Skills

While you will go through extensive training, you will also have to have innate skills you can build upon. This includes having an ability to read individuals and understand when you are being lied to. Without this ability, you may not be able to tell when you are receiving good and bad information. Click on the link above if you are ready to get started in this exciting career field.




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