Great Career as a Navy Civil Engineer

The United States Navy has many obligations to the country and to those other countries around the world. This dedication is not only one of protection. It is one of encouragement and growth. This is why the US Navy is one of the bastions of peace countries are excited to see off of the shore after an attack or a natural disaster. Along with the food and medicine comes the civil engineer to rebuild the communities.

Building Important Structures

Much of what you will bring to the table as a civil engineer will include the different structures any good civilization needs in order to survive. You will be able to help to create such things as dams and housing for societies. You will also help in building necessary structures like hospitals and dining areas where the community can come to eat while there are no homes to go to. Your job will be to restore order in the places which need it the most.

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Building Your Own Career

Those interested in this position will not only have the opportunity to help others. You will also have the opportunity to help yourself. This is because you will be able to learn through the Navy Engineer Corps Officer School and other engineering schools including those at the colleges around the world. You will learn to do the work which will make a difference in the world. Click on the link above to find out more about this and other great careers in the US Navy.




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I retired from the Marine Reserves in 2006. I am a licensed civil engineer in Virginia and North Carolina. I am 47 and in top physical condition. Are there any active duty officer career opportunities in the Navy for me?

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