Important Career as a US Army Signals Intelligence Analyst

There are many different forms of communication used in any kind of military setting. The United States Army is in charge of making sure that all forms of military communication from foreign opposition is observed at all times. It is important that not only is important information being paid attention to but that the information can be found in the first place. This takes a specially trained person in the US army known as the Signal Intelligence Analyst.

Benefitting the Whole

The great thing about working in this position is that you will be able to help out in making sure that all of the different branches in the military are being given the right amount of information to make wise decisions regarding missions and counterintelligence. The better the information is, the safer the enlisted personnel will be when going through operations around the world. Your mission will be to make sure that the troops get the protection that they deserve.

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Important Training

In order to make sure that you understand exactly what is expected of you, you will go through basic training followed by 24 weeks of advanced training. You will trained about what to look for when analyzing information as well as how to create intelligence reports which will be beneficial to the rest of the intelligence community. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career opportunity in the US Army.




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