Decode Your Future as a Cryptologic Linguist

The United States Army operates in many different environments throughout the world. In order to make sure that the troops in the area are always safe, it is necessary to keep constant surveillance on all communication from the opposition. The information being captured will likely be in a foreign language seeing as they are communication with each other. Additionally, the language will be coded as to escape detection by the US Army Cryptologic Linguist.

What You Will Do

You will help to listen in to captured conversations between opposition forces. You will then analyze and translate the information so that it can be determined whether the information is something which is usable or not. Your Expertise must be without question as does your loyalty to the United States. This is why the position is not available to those who are not fluent in an additional language or those who have not been in the Army a specified period of time.

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Your Work Environment

Typical assignments will be on back lines where you will be given messages to translate or you will be able to listen in on captured conversations from all manner of communication. You will even be asked to evaluate and determine the usefulness of different messages sent through the computer and through electronic communications. You may be assigned to forward command posts, but the majority of your work will close to the administrative staff. Click on the link above to find out more about this and other career in the US Army.




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