3 Reasons to Become a Marine

The United States Marine Corps has been one of the best fighting units in the world ever since it was created over 100 years ago. Since that time, the service has expanded to include more opportunities for those who decide that Semper Fi is the right kind of motto for them.

Educational Opportunities

Those looking to get into the Marines can enter into ROTC programs which will help them to enter their service as an officer. You can also decide to get a distance learning education while in the service. Additionally, you can decide to get your education after you get out by taking advantage of the GI Bill.

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Career Training

Since an education is only valuable when it is put to use, the USMC will give you the training that you will need to fulfill the position you will work in the Marines. You will then be put to work using all of the skills that you just learned. This will help you to marry your education with the real world experience most employers are looking for.

Outstanding Benefits

Other than just enjoying the benefit of serving in the Marine Corps, you will be given the honor of receiving outstanding benefits. These benefits include the ability to receive comprehensive medical and dental benefits. You will also be able to receive great pay and bonuses. Click on the link above to find out even more about joining the US Marine Corps.




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i am a mother and my son want to join. there are a few things i need to know. one how much would he get to join? how will the government take care of him once he has served his term?

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