Great Career in the Navy Supply Corps

The United States Navy uses a lot of different supplies to accomplish its mission throughout the world. Making sure that these supplies are being handled and distributed properly can be a difficult task at times. This is why those who are responsible for it will need to undergo special training. Thanks to the help of those working in the Navy Supply Corps, the sailors throughout the Navy will get the supplies that they need.

What You Will Do

You will work with the different divisions in your unit to find out exactly what they need so that you will make sure that it is being shipped directly to you. You will also help in allocating different supplies throughout the Navy so that you will be able to direct the materials and supplies that are needed to the right location at the right time.

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Get the Training

Making sure that you know what you are doing is very important. This is why when you are getting ready to work in the Navy Supply Corps, you will go through a 27 week basic qualification course at the Navy Supply School followed by a 12 week Officer Candidate School (OCS) program. You will learn mostly in a classroom setting and you will finalize your training by starting at your first assignment. Click on the link above to find out even more about this and other careers in the US Navy.




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When will SC OCS begin? Applied March board.

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