Take a Look at Life on a US Navy Los Angeles Class Submarine

There are many great careers that you can pursue when you enlist in the United States Navy. You can do everything from serve on board some of the largest surface vessels on the water as well as on some of the most powerful submarines in the world. One of the submarines which is well known for its ability to dominate in attack as well as long range strike modes is that of the Los Angeles Class Submarine.

About the Submarine

The Los Angeles class submarine was designed as an attack submarine which will be able to handle sharp maneuvers against enemy submarines through MK48 torpedoes as well as to handle land based attacks through the use of Tomahawk missiles. These submarines are the destination for many of those looking for action and adventure in their Navy career.

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Sleeping on Board

While these submarines are the largest of their kind, they are still submarines and this means that they do not hold a lot of space on board for living quarters. Even the officer quarters which allow officers to have their own room are smaller than you will find on any other type of vessel. This is why all divisions on board are separated by their shifts so one does not disturb the other. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career opportunity in the US Navy.




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