Benefitting Others in Navy Human Resources

Many people join the United States Navy because it is a great adventure unlike any other. Others join the Navy because they want to see the world. No matter what the reasons for joining the Navy might be, one thing remains the same. This is a great job which many people can use in order to have a great life. Helping these personnel to make the most of their career choice is the job of those working in Human Resources for the US Navy.

What You Will Do

You will work with the sailors in your unit to find out what career path they would like to have and to help them accomplish their goals. You will give guidance which will include advice about what subjects to study as well as what kinds of tests should be taken in order to advance their career to the point that they would like to see themselves. You will help people to realize their career goals faster than they ever dreamed possible.

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Get the Training

When you work in this position, you will go through two kinds of training. First you will go through initial military training to familiarize you with life in the Navy and basic military procedures including combat training. You will then go through A school training in which you will learn the specifics of the rating that you will be working in. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great rating in the US Navy.




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