Important Career as a USCG Operations Specialist

The United States Coast Guard is a military branch which is in charge of protecting the coastlines of the United States as well as making sure that those in the waters off the coast are kept safe. This means that the missions can range anywhere from military in nature to purely rescue missions. The right planning and communication is critical in making sure that all aspects of the missions are being considered and that the objectives are being accomplished.

What You Will Do

When you work as a US Coast Guard Operations Specialist, you will be in charge of making sure that all missions are being given the right amount of attention and that operational assignments are being created in a timely manner. Those working in this position will be expected to fill time slots which will make the division available twenty-four hours a day. This way there will never be a time when there cannot be an immediate calculated response to a problem.

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Get the Training

All people working as operations specialists will have to go through training beyond initial training. You will also have to go through training which will help you to understand the communications systems you will be using on a daily basis as well as the systems used by the rescue missions. You will learn to coordinate available resources with the needs that present themselves. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started in this career field.




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