Important Career as a USCG Intelligence Specialist

The United States Coast Guard has to reply to threats both foreign and domestic as they arise along the coast lines. It can be difficult to know when there will be threats seeing as those looking to cause problems in the US do not want for their plots to be known. This is why it is important to have the means and the personnel to be able to find out the right information about plots against the US. This is the job of the US Coast Guard Intelligence Specialist.

What You Will Do

You will use different pieces of communication equipment and computers in order to discover the different pieces of information which will help you to confront threats. You will not only make sure to find out the right information. You will also make sure to report all pertinent information to the right sources so that the proper action can be taken to deal with the problem.

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Get the Training

This is a very important in the US Coast Guard. As such, you will go through extensive training beyond the initial training you will receive. You will be able to get the education you need through the 13 weeks of specialized training you will go through. This includes the training you will get at the IS ‘A’ school and the ‘C’ school that you will attend. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started on your path to this career in the US Coast Guard.




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