Do More Good as a Navy Judge

There is law within the United States Navy which must be upheld through the courts. Since there are different laws throughout the military, it is expected that there will be a different court system in place for those who have broken military law. This is why along with the lawyers and the officials of the court, there are judges which are utilized in order to make sure the law of the Navy is being upheld at all times.

What You Will Do

You will do everything that a judge in the regular court systems will do. The only difference is instead of listening to cases from civilians, you will have to listen to cases which are brought against those who are in the military. You will also have to have specialized knowledge about the laws which are unique to the military and specifically to the United States Navy.

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Why be an Navy Judge?

There are many great benefits that you will receive as a Navy judge including a great career, outstanding benefits and the ability to hear cases which will go beyond the average drug and criminal cases. This is a great opportunity for any judge with experience to do more with the education and training that you have obtained over the years. You will also get the ability to travel the world as you work. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started in this outstanding career field.




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