Why You Should be a USAF Weather Apprentice

There are a few things which are highly important to the United States Air Force. One such condition which is highly important is the weather. The weather makes it possible to run operations or can cause serious delays in operations and or tactics. It is important that no matter where the US Air Force is operating that the pilots and the grounds crews know exactly what is going on at all times. This is why the job of the USAF weather apprentice is such an important one.

Training You Will Receive

The majority of the training you will receive as a Weather Apprentice in the United States Air Force will be hands on. You will also undergo training including college-level education on the basic concepts of meteorology. You will also be trained to use the advanced equipment which makes early detection of weather systems possible.

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What You Will Do

Your duties will include making sure you read different pieces of weather equipment including Doppler radar weather imagery, computerized weather prediction models, climatology reports and weather satellite imagery. You will work in one of the eight different weather squadrons the US Air Force has located across the globe. You may also be assigned to a base to help in combat weather team support. You will help to make sure your unit knows all elements which will work for and against them in battle.




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Is this for civilians or is this for those enlisted?
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