NROTC is Great Path for Future Female Naval Officers

While there are many roads to the career women are looking for in the United States Navy, it is no surprise many would like to be an officer. While it is possible to go through regular enlistment and rank advancements to become an officer, it means putting your life on hold and having to spend a long time doing jobs you do not want to do to reach the level you are really looking for. It is the reason why so many women are finding NROTC (Navy Reserved Officer Training Corps) as a great alternative to the career they are looking for.

Get an Education

One of the great things about going through NROTC is that you will be able to get money for college. You will be able to study at any of the colleges which offers the NROTC program in a major of your choosing. You will be able to concentrate on your education because you will be given money for room and board as well as money for everyday expenses while you are in school. Best of all, once you finish college and enter service you will be able to enter as an officer.

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Get the Training

To make sure you will be a good leader once you are in the service, you will go through military training. You will go through boot camp as well as committing a few of your weekends to going through training exercises. You will also go through a one week training period at least once a year. You will be trained how to be a better soldier and how to lead those under your command. If you are a woman looking for a brighter future, click on the link above.




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