Great US Navy Job for Women as an EOD Technician

There are many times in which the United States Navy encounters explosives which threaten vessels, sailors and ecology. When this happens, it is necessary to call on the expertise of those who will be able to handle the situation and make the waters and the land safe for all. Women have been fulfilling a very necessary role in the US Navy as Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technicians for some time now.

What You Will Do

If you are selected to work in this rating, you will be expected to work aboard rapid response vessels as well as on land. You will be expected to work with SEALS and other Special Forces units in order to recognize the targets you will be working on as well as the best technique in which to handle the different things you will encounter. You will be expected to encounter, disarm and disassemble explosive ordnance so that it will not be dangerous.

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Get the Training

When you go through training to be an EOD technician in the US Navy you go through 5 phases of training followed by advanced training. The purpose of all of the training is to make sure that you will be able to stay safe as well as have the ability to protect others. Your ability to advance to the next phase will depend on your abilities. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career for women in the US Navy.




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