Take a Closer Look at Navy Boot Camp

When you enroll in the United States Navy, you will go through training. While you will get the training you will need in order to work in various ratings throughout the Navy, you will have to first go through the Recruit Training Command (RTC). RTC is an environment in which you will combine the traditional physical exercise and military training with classroom training exercises to make sure that you are ready to go to the next stage in your training.

Advanced Training

When you go through advanced training, you will get the specific skills necessary to work in the rating you have been chosen for. In most cases this will end with the ‘A’ school training that you receive. In some special cases you will have to go through ‘C’ school training. The location for your training will depend on the kind of training you will receive as there are training facilities all over the United States.

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Officer Training

Those who will be an officer in the United States Navy will have to go through either Officer Development School (ODS) or Officer Candidate School (OCS). Once again, the location for your training will depend on the kind of training you are receiving. You will either be trained in Newport (ODS) or in Newport, R.I. (OCS). No matter what kind of training you get initially, you will have to submit to different forms of training throughout your career. Click on the link above if you are ready to get started on your journey in the US Navy.




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