The Importance of the ASVAB Military Entrance Exam For The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Air Force Enlistment

There are a few different stages you will have to pass through in order to be an enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces. Among these include the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). It is a collection of different tests to discover your knowledge of or ability to understand different academic studies or concepts. It is used by the military for a verity of different purposes.

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ASVAB Enlistment Requirements

There are requirements to joining any branch of the military and one of them is having a certain score on your ASVAB. The qualification score is known as the Armed Forces Qualification test (AFQT). It is comprised of three different sections: Verbal Composite (VE), Math Knowledge (MK), and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR). There are two parts to the VE score that you will be judged on. Requirements for the score range from a 31 in the Army to a 45 in the Coast Guard.

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Job Placement

In order to be placed in certain jobs within the United States Military, you will have to score certain scores on your ASVAB. The score requirements and the sections which will be looked at will depend on the branch of service and the position you are looking to fill. It is possible to retake the ASVAB test again later to reapply for certain desired careers within the service. Click on the link above to find out even more about joining the military.

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Hey there, I’m trying to apply to get in the US Coast Guard, a desired career that I would like to do for my life. Around 3 weeks ago I went to Miami MEP’S to retake the ASVAB due of my low score of the first one (40%). I thought that the AFQT score was about evaluating just the 4 strong areas of the ASVAB which are : Word Knowledge (WK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), and Mathematics Knowledge (MK) , but one of the recruiters from the Coast Guard told me that they overall your AFQT score from everything, so I studied so hard for everything in my second try getting a 50% this time (a not bad score,but my best because English is my second language). According with the information of this blog it says that the requirements for the score in the Coast Guard start from 45, my recruiter even told me that if could get unleast a 50% he might do something to help me out,but now he change his mind saying that I need a 60%.I’m not trying to find a excuse about being a immigrant ,just being realistic and that everyone can understand my situation.I’m not looking to go around the minimum scores in order to apply either, just trying to find a way to be accepted due my little disadvantage when I took the test. So please any help will be appreciated from my whole heart, my e-mail is [email protected] , thanks in advance =)

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