What Should I Bring to Boot Camp?

Going to boot camp is an experience that every enlisted military personnel member will have to go through. It is a rough period of activity, training and challenges. There are many questions people have when they are first facing this experience. One of the main things which is asked is what should be brought to boot camp. The general answer here is to bring as little as possible as the majority of what you will need will either be issued to you upon arrival or will be purchased later on.

Required Documents

When you show up for boot camp, you will have to go through a registration phase. This will include getting a military ID, financial information and more. You should make sure that you bring along a State or Federal issued ID, Social Security card, and canceled check for direct deposit. Any other required documents will be detailed out by the recruiter.

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Less is Better

In general, you should only bring along with you any essentials. Things like a toiletry kit may be advisable. Do not bring anything which is considered to be contraband as detailed out by the recruiter like pornographic material, alcohol, drugs and such. You should also make sure that if you wear glasses that you do not try to show up in contacts. The environment will not be a good environment for contacts. Click on the link above to find out more about what you should and should not bring to boot camp.




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