The Different Levels of Navy Training

After joining the United States Navy, you will have to go through training. Training goes well beyond what you will initially go through when you enter the service. You will go through training for different purposes and at different levels of your career. It is important to understand the different kinds of training you will go through so that you can be prepared.

Boot Camp

Those who are just enlisting in the US Navy will have to learn the basic of military training including weaponry, swimming, conditioning and more. You will learn how to be a Navy personnel member as well as what will be expected of you in the service.

’A’ School

Those who will go into specialized career as a personnel member will have to go through specialized training. In these courses you will learn the specific information you will need in order to do the job you have been chosen for.

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Officer Candidate School (OCS)

Those who have been chosen as college graduates to be an officer in the US Navy will have to go through OCS in order to learn what is required of them as a leader and as an officer in charge of their specific command posts.

Officer Development School (ODS)

Those who have been chosen to work in specific fields within the US Navy as an officer will have to go through ODS training. Generally the difference between ODS and OCS is that ODS is designed for those who are already an officer and require the extra training to enter a new field. Click on the link above to find out even more.




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