The Many Faces of the Army Specialist

There are many different career choices in the United States Army. You can choose to get all of the education you will need in order to get a job in the civilian world. You can choose to become an officer. You can also choose to become a specialist like that of a Warrant Officer. The choice for your career is in your hands. Those thinking about being a specialist in the US Army should understand exactly what kind of a career you will be facing.

Career Advancement

When you work as a specialist in the US Army, you will not get advancements in the traditional sense of the Army ranking system. Instead of receiving rank promotions, you will receive advancements in pay and responsibilities. Your main objective is to get to know your job as well as possible so that you can complete your assignments with the utmost skill and talent possible.

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Teaching Others

Aside from being the best at what you do, you will also be asked to help in teaching others how to do what it is that you do. Many specialists will only train in their field to stay sharp and in touch with their skills. Their main objective will transfer to making sure that the new recruits will have the education and skill development which will help them to be able to specialize in your field. You will in essence use your unique knowledge and talents to train others to do what only you can do.




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