Female Officer Opportunities in the US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard has long been an equal opportunity employer. They have welcomed women into many different jobs throughout the service. These days, there are more positions than ever before open to women and many have been working their way into officer careers. With the amount of opportunities available for women in the US Coast Guard, there is no reason why any woman should not aspire to an officer career.

Officer Paths through Recruitment

There are several ways in which you can join the US Coast Guard as an officer without having to first be an enlisted member. You can either go through the Academy or you can put to use skills you learned as a part of your professional career as a civilian to work as an officer in the US Coast Guard. If you go any other route, you will have to go through officer candidate school.

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The Work You Will Do

With the growth potential that an officer career opens up to you, you will find that it is possible to work as an officer in just about any field that you can imagine. Many women will start out looking to simply get a career in an area which excites them only to find out that there is a career waiting for them as an officer. Talk to a recruiter today to find out what officer opportunities await you in the US Coast Guard.




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Cynthias Smith


I called the Coast Guard. 12-15-2012 in LAS VEGAS NEVADA at 1:00 pm. I Informed the gentlemen that I was interested in joining the Coast Guard RESERVE as an Officer in the fields of Store Keeper, Psychologist, or a FOOD SERVICE SPECIALIST Officer.I was Navy enlisted and now have acquired a college degree.
I was very perturbed by the response. He quoted the words of: The Coast Guard is not hurting for people. He said it over and over. I was quite shocked. Would it not be a better response to tell all the wonderful things the Coast Guard has to offer than to respond with that statement? Then he said If you have been in more that 6 years they will not except you in reserve. I read that it was 10 years active duty. He stated that I would have to pay my own way to the reserve unit in California and pay for room and board. I said I thought room and board was covered. It was painful to listen to. Then he said call the Coast Guard in California. I said what is the number? He said you will have to look the number up. I said you do not have the number to the Coast Guard reserve? Then he finally gave it to me. He stated they are better equipped to answer your questions. He stated it is better to be interviewed there and get excepted. He recommended, that I drive from Las Vegas Nevada to the Coast Guard reserve in California and be interviewed and excepted. I am a female attempting to join the Coast Guard RESERVE as an officer.

What are the facts?

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