Career with a Future as a US Army Intelligence Analyst

The future of warfare is always dependent on the amount of intelligence which is available at any given time. The side with the best intelligence always has the easiest time in being able to know what is going on and what actions need to take place in order to stay in control of the situation. This is one of the many reasons why the United States Army employs the use of intelligence analysts.

What You Will Do

If you are employed as a US Army intelligence analyst you will be expected to look at all incoming intelligence which has been gathered in the field so that you will be able to ascertain whether the information is something which is useful or it does not do you any good. Any intelligence which you deem to be useful will have to be passed along to the right sources so that it can be properly used.

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Get the Training

The training that you will receive will not only help you to be able to do your job. You will also learn what it means to do your job. You will understand the national and international implications some of the material you will come across will represent. You will have to attain a Top Secret security status to do your job which will help you if you have aspirations to join one of the other intelligence organizations like the CIA, FBI or the NSA. Click on the link above to find out even more.




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