Exciting Job as a US Coast Guard Investigator

The United States Coast Guard has a duty to protect the waterways in and around the United States of America. The threats which they encounter are both domestic and foreign in nature. It is always important to make sure that every case is being properly investigated to make sure that there are no screw ups when it comes time for prosecution of the accused. This is where the US Coast Guard Investigator comes in.

What You Will Do

As a US Coast Guard Investigator you will be in charge of making sure that those who have broken the law will be held accountable for their actions. You will fulfill many of the same responsibilities which you would expect to see in a detective, criminal investigator or police officer in the civilian world. You will help in up close investigations as well as analyzing intelligence and making sure that the evidence is in order for trial.

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Get the Training

In most cases you will have to go through the basic training before you will be able to go through specialized training. You will learn everything from self-defense to how to properly investigate a crime and arrest those who are found to be in violation of national and international laws. You will learn how to work with other military, government and sate bodies in order to carry out justice. Click on the link above to find out even more about getting started in your US Coast Guard career.




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