Veteran Death Pension Benefits

If you are the survivor of a Servicemember that has lost their lives in the War on Terror, there are different benefits available to you as the beneficiary for your Servicemember.  One of the benefits is the Veterans Death Pension benefit.  You can verify your eligibility by telephoning a Veterans office or Veterans Benefits counselor. The VA Pension for Death benefits is paid to the eligible members or dependents of Servicemembers who have given their lives in time of war.  It is also available for Veterans who have served for a period of wartime service of twenty-four months active duty beginning with the Gulf War and continuing until now.  Servicemembers who served at least 24 months active duty since September 1990 and who were honorably discharged may be eligible for this survivors benefit. This is a benefit with various restrictions.  This pension is meant to make up the difference between your yearly income limit and your countable income.  The difference is normally paid out in twelve equal installments.  Some types of income are not counted toward the annual yearly limit, such as SSI income, welfare benefits, and wages by dependent children. The Veterans Death Pension is not a large amount of money, but was intended by Congress to help provide a means for select individuals who survive a Servicemember who dies during a time of war to have funds available to help with their support. Your yearly income to qualify must be less than the following amount if you are a: -Surviving Spouse with no children whom are dependents:  $7,094 dollars. -Housebound Surviving Spouse with no Children whom are dependents:  $8,670 dollars. -Surviving Spouse with one child that is a dependent:  $9,287 dollars. -Housebound Surviving Spouse with one child that is a dependent:  $10,860 dollars. For each additional dependent child you should add $1,806 dollars to the amount. There are other categories for single surviving children, and for other types of surviving spouses. This Death Pension benefit is not a large amount of money, but it can be the difference for some families between keeping the wolf at the door and not making it financially.  You can apply for this benefit if you think you qualify by obtaining VA form 21-534 Application for Indemnity Compensation and Dependency.  You should also obtain and attach any copies that you have of birth certificates, death certificates, and all marriage licenses.




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Im researching benefits for myself as a serviving spouse married to a veteran whom passed away 5/14/2007 with service connection for cholaangiocarcinoma with hepatitis C , before my husband died 2006 we started a claim with VA for agent orange , he did 2 tours of Vietnam spent 2 month in military hospital for hepitits C and I entend to continue this claim on my own. Send me information if you can how to go about this. Thank you surviving spouse

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