Webcast Graduations Available For Troops

There is a new benefit available to select members of the Armed Forces.  It involves working with the Servicemember to schedule a webcast transmission of your son or Daughters graduation from High school.  It is available at no charge to the Servicemember and set up by the Department of Defense, the involved school and the Servicemember. This year so far there are over 100 Servicemembers that are deployed in Iraq, and Afghanistan that will have the opportunity to see their son or daughter, or family member graduate from High school over the Internet. The ceremony is carried on a life webcast using a remote camera and microphone, and sent to the location where the Servicemember is deployed. This is the fourth year in a row that the program has existed and it provides a vital link between the Servicemember and their families during a once in a lifetime type of experience.  It has show students at schools throughout the United States, Germany, Italy, England and other locations. This year so far there are 18 schools that will participate in the program, but there may be many more schools added as the dates of May and June graduations draw closer. The program is unique in that it allows deployed Servicemember parents see their graduating seniors cross their school or auditorium stage in real time, during the actual event.  They also have student messages that can be recorded and beamed over before or after the webcast. “It is important for parents and seniors to share these events,” said Diana Ohman Director of Europe Schools in a news release. This project involves input and coordination with military units literally stretching around the world, from Germany to America to the Middle East, and beyond.  It involves U.S. Air Forces Europe, U.S. Army Europe, Combined Joint Task Force 82 in Afghanistan, and Multi National Corps- Iraq, as well as multiple other units and services, according to the DoD. If you know of a deployed parent who has a senior graduating this year, urge them to get in contact immediately with their command.  They can also look on the Internet for the program and for more information.  Planning for the yearly program is going on now, with collection of names, schools and parents nearly complete.  It is not too late to participate, but you must act now. Seeing the faces of the graduating students, and the faces of their deployed parents, as they are able to share in the event is precious, and a one in a lifetime experience.




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