Army Enlisted Diver

Many people think that the Army has missions only on land.  Well, the Army has a great many different missions, and sometimes in the course of these missions there is activity necessary beneath the surface of the water.  Tasks involving construction, repair, patrolling, as well as other missions require the use of skilled diving personnel.  An engineering enlisted Army diver can perform many such tasks as salvage, demolition, and reconnaissance, as well as various other duties to further the Army mission at hand.  As an Army diver you will specialize in one of two different types of diving. Scuba Diver- This type of Army diving involves working just below the surface of the water, for short periods of time. A scuba diver wears an air tank, fins, and a mask and is independent in regards to movement, and can surface or dive depending on the need of the mission at hand. Deep Sea Diver- A deep-sea diver is a specialized Army diver, who works for long periods of time in water up to 190 feet deep.   This type of diving involves air that is pumped down to you, and the use of heavier equipment such as a metal diving hat, deep-sea air hose, and canvas or heavy-duty diving suit. Some of the duties of an Army Diver may include: -Salvaging equipment that has sunk. -Cleaning and inspecting hulls, and watercraft propellers. -Patrolling water below the surface. -Patching holes in watercraft hulls using underwater welding gear. -Surveying beaches, rivers, and harbors for all obstacles or hazards to navigation. -Using explosives to destroy or clear underwater obstacles. Army divers must have normal hearing and vision, and be physically strong.  They should be excellent swimmers, and not be afraid to work in close spaces or stressful situations. The Training for the job of Army Diver begins with basic combat training, or boot camp.  Following basic training, the candidate for Army Diver will attend individual advanced training for 36 weeks, and this will include both repair and diving instruction.  Topics covered in advanced training will include -Underwater demotion and training. -Care and Maintenance of different types of diving equipment. -Principals of Scuba diving. -Underwater Cutting and metal welding. As you rise in rank and rate you may be responsible for supervising other divers, and leading a team of divers on mission specific objectives.  Senior Army Divers can serve as project managers or mission leaders and be involved in advanced mission and project planning and implementation.




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