Weather Apprentice Air Force Careers

One of the most important jobs in today’s Air Force is the Weather Apprentice Specialty. Weather affects everyone’s lives, from both active duty personnel to civilians, from the people involved in military operations to those that bring you your food in a local supermarket. Knowing and being able to predict the weather is also a necessary skill for successful military operations both domestically and overseas. The Air Force stations personnel trained in weather forecasting around the world to support all military operations, both Air Force, Army and sister military services.  Weather Apprentices serving in the Air Force prepare forecasts, analyze incoming weather data, issue severe weather warnings, and provide accurate up to date weather information and forecasts to civilian and service personnel. The job of weather Apprentice is a challenging one, and it involves various training on basic and advanced principals of meteorology. As an Air Force Weather Apprentice you will receive advanced college level instruction on a variety of weather related subjects.  You will learn how to forecast and analyze different weather elements such as atmospheric pressure, wind, visibility, precipitation, clouds, Doppler radar images, satellite images and other various climatologic reports.  Your training and instruction will also prepare you to interpret and read various computerized and digital systems dealing with weather forecasting. One of the skills that you will receive training in is to operate a Weather Radar Console, and to use properly a high frequency Metro to Pilot radio. The typical weather apprentice is detailed to one of eight weather squadrons located around the world for initial training after their schooling.  You will be trained to forecast the weather for both your local region as well as other locales in your geographical region. Your region will contain likely several Army and Air Force bases, and after initial training at a large weather squadron you will be come proficient, and can be assigned elsewhere.  You may be assigned to a combat weather unit supporting an Air Force Flying Ring, or an assignment to an Army Ground Combat or Army Aviation wing. You may be eligible to volunteer as a special ops weather parachutist and deploy with an Army or Special Operations Units Knowing and accurately being able to the mission by knowing what the weather is bringing in is a huge aid.  Being able to relay and share what is in store for your unit weather wise is an awesome skill, one that will stand you in good stead.




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I have 25 yrs meteorological background in air force on aviation bases,recently retired and searching job in meteorological set fullfilling the above required criteria.pls contact on my mail.wana serve for usaf.

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