Specialty Career in US Air Force Missile Launch Facilities

The United States Air Force has been charged with the responsibility of protecting the skies over the United States of America. This includes not only protecting against aircraft which might invade our national air space. It also means dealing with any threats which might be threatening us like ballistic missiles. It is the reason why there are strategically placed missile launch facilities throughout the nation. These facilities require specialists to man them.

What You Will Do

In a specialty assignment, you will complete work which is similar to what you would normally do in the US Air Force. You will work on computers or as a leader to other personnel. You will perform the duties that you are trained to do. Because of the nature of the work, you will be on a temporary assignment to the facility until your assignment period is up. The assignment is desired by many as it will help in career advancement for those looking to make a career out of the US Air Force.

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Get the Training

In order to know what you are doing in the missile launch facilities you will have to go through special training. You will learn about the facility and what kinds of safety protocols you will have to follow among other things. You will also have to go through the process of acquiring Top Secret clearance unless you already have it as the facilities location and operation are a matter of national security.




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