Weapons Repair Officer Opportunities in the US Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps has a motto which is “first to fight!” This is because in any major conflict, they are the first on the ground and the first to see any action. They are among the toughest military forces in the world because of the training and the ordnance that they are entrusted with. Making sure that the personnel will have the ability to not only do their jobs, but to do them safely is the responsibility of the US Marine Weapons Repair Officer.

What You Will Do

When you are a weapons repair officer in the US Marine Corps, you will serve as a warrant officer. You will specialize in the weapons which are used on the ground as well as on board different vehicles. You will be in charge of repairing, recovering and salvaging different kinds of ordnance and the weapons used to fire them. You will also be in charge of making sure that your team will know what they are doing at all times.

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Get the Training

You will need to go through a few different kinds of training to get appointed to this position. First you will have to go through basic training like all other enlisted personnel. You will then have to go through the Marine Corps Ordnance Officer Course at the US Army Ordnance Center and School at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. You will also have to have previous experience in ordnance positions and have completed the Warrant Officer Basic Training Course.




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