US Army Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic Help to Keep Things Moving

Wheeled vehicles are very important to the everyday operations of the United States Army. They are used to deliver supplies and troops to different positions all around the world. Keeping these vehicles in operational condition is a full time job completed by teams of trained professionals. This is the job of those who are chosen to work as a wheeled vehicle mechanic.

What You Will Do

As a wheeled vehicle mechanic in the US Army, you will be expected to maintain all of the trucks, jeeps, Humvees and other wheeled vehicles needed by the US Army. You will be expected to work on everything from the moving parts of the vehicle to the engines. You will help to prevent these vehicles from breaking down and will help to restore them to operational condition should they break down.

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Get the Training

You will go through extensive training in order to make sure that you know what you are doing. You will be expected to go through basic training just like all of the rest of the enlisted personnel and so that you will gain military training. You will then go through specialized training so that you will understand what is expected of you. The training you will get will resemble the kind of specialized training which civilian mechanics pay thousands to get. Best of all, you will gain valuable on-the-job training which will help you to get a job if you ever decide to leave the Army.




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