Women in US Coast Guard Find Roles in Technical Jobs

The United States Coast Guard is the embodiment of an equal opportunity employer. They provide ratings for both men and women in a variety of different work settings. One of the work setting in which women are finding themselves drawn to are those which deal with technical work. These ratings not only are great careers while in the US Coast Guard, but they are great preparation for careers in the civilian world as well.

What You Will Do

When you are a female working in a technical rating for the US Coast Guard, you will be in charge of different aspects regarding the technology aboard the different vessels and in shore establishments. You will work with computers and the connections which help to broadcast and receive information from other vessels and installations. You will be involved with maintenance, upgrades and repairs as required for the technical equipment used in the US Coast Guard.

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Get the Training

Before getting started in your career, you will go through the proper training. Not only will you go through basic training like the rest of the enlisted personnel. You will also go through technical training which is similar to the technical training which others pay thousands of dollars to receive. This way you will be able to understand the latest technology and how it applies to the work that you will be responsible for as a member of the US Coast Guard.




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