National Guard Opportunities

Have you given any thought to a National Guard career? There are many opportunities to consider. While this is a big commitment, once you learn more there is a good chance that your interest level will shoot through the roof.

There are several types of National Guard careers that may suit you:

1. Entry level. Just like other branches of the military, entry level careers are available. Prior to active duty service you are required to complete basic training. Even though the starting salary is only around $1,500/month, you will begin to earn more as you gain experience.

2. Professional careers. These opportunities are a bit different than entry level careers. If you choose this option you will receive training meant to help you land a job after you have served your time. This could include anything from a health care career to information technology and everything in between. The starting salary is approximately $2,000.

3. Officer. While officers are the highest paid, you are not going to start out in this capacity. If you want to become an officer you need to make a long term commitment to the National Guard. Pay begins around $3,000, but can reach $200k or more.

Now do you have a better idea of what type of National Guard opportunities are available? Along with good pay you will receive excellent benefits including healthcare coverage, enlistment bonuses and more. And of course, don’t forget about job security.

If you want to learn more about National Guard opportunities request additional information today.




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