Helping Those in Need as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman

In the United States Navy, there are many times in which you will need to get the right kind of medical treatment. Often you will need specialized attention which can only be found at a hospital. As a personnel member of the US Navy you will be able to enjoy free medical attention whenever you need it. It is the reason why the job of the hospital corpsman is such an important one.

What You Will Do

When you work in this career you will be in charge of helping those in need get the medical attention they need. You will work in a hospital environment. You will work one on one with the patients and the rest of the hospital staff. Your help will make sure that those who need to get better will be back to their stations in no time at all.

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Get the Training

To get the training that you will need, you will have to first go through basic training. You will then be able to go through A school training in which you will learn the basics of the kind of work you will need to do including how to give basic medical care. You will then go on to C school training in which you will learn the specialized training you will need in order to advance in your career. You will then be ready to go on helping those in need of medical attention.




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hi my name is kimberly and i wondering can i help take care of the patients with there health, and im about to be 18 in the summer but im wondering can i join in 2012 ill be 19 next year in the summer and i graduate in MAY19,2012 and this is what i really wanted to do for 4 years.

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