Historic Ancient Israel

One of the places in the world that is unique to visit it the seat of Christianity and many of the world’s religions, Israel. You can use Space Available travel to get to Israel and the Middle East, but many Servicemember families do not use it. It is one of the advantages of being a Servicemember, and a travel benefit that many more Servicemembers could take advantage of.

The Space Available program is ran by TRANSCOM and is a method that Servicemembers and their families can ride on available military space that is not being used for other purposes. It is a system designed to use existing space that is available after all needs for the mission have been met.

One of the first places to visit in Israel should be Tel Aviv. It is known as the city that does not stop. It has a variety of museums and festivals that are held at different times throughout the year. You can find entertainment on the streets of Tel Aviv, there are a great many lively restaurants and the city is renowned for its nightlife.

There are many 24-hour cafes that you can stop and sample throughout Tel Aviv. Most restaurants are open until at least midnight, with most being open from 8pm till 4am. The staff of restaurants and bars tends to live off their tips, so if you do visit and receive good service, be sure and tip accordingly.

The neighborhood of Florentin in Tel Aviv is known for its younger, more party oriented crowd. It is centered on Florentin street, and has an assortment of bars, cafes and eateries that cater to the more youthful party crowd. The Neve Tzedek is the neighborhood in Tel Aviv most known for its architecture. It features small picturesque houses, and narrow, well-defined streets. It has become known as a chic and trendy place to live, if you are looking for a slice of Europe, Neve Tzedek is the area to visit.

If you visit Tel Aviv, you should take a stroll along the waterfront. The Port offers a wooden boardwalk and a variety of interesting places to explore, and is highly recommended for a night out on the town especially on the weekends. Other Places to Visit in Tel Aviv: Nachlat Binyamin and Lilinbulum, some of the oldest locations in the city, you will find your visit there filled with historical sites to explore. The beaches of Tel Aviv are also are well known for their beauty and access to surf and sun.




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