Communication job as a US Army Satellite Systems Operator

No matter what kind of situation you might find yourself, communication is very important. It allows you to find out pertinent information right away about the things which will help you to complete tasks and to move forward with objectives. Nowhere is this clearer than to the men and women of the United States Army. This is why the job of the Satellite Systems Operator-maintainer is so important.

What You Will Do

You will work with the different technical systems and mechanical systems within the satellites to make sure that the signals are being acquired and that the flow of communication is unhindered. You will be expected to maintain the system through upgrades and maintenance. You will also regularly look over the system to maintain it and to repair any problems before they threaten to shut down communications for the base.

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Get the Training

You will have to go through two distinct forms of training when you are in this position. First you will have to go through basic training like every other US Army personnel member. You will then go through specialized training so you can learn everything you will need to know to work on and operate the satellite equipment. Training is very technical so you will be able to benefit from the experience of your training so you will be able to follow in a technical career even after the Army.




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