Army Sergeant Designs Training Method

New Program Innovative And Successful For Afghan Police In Afghanistan the example of law enforcement officers that serve in the United States is seen as the ideal.  Officers in Police and other law enforcement in the USA are seen as well trained professionals and role models by the public. One example of this type of professionalism can be found in some of the soldiers that train the Afghan Police.  Sergeant Ronald Burke is an Army Squad leader who is responsible to help train Afghan National Police officers in Nawa, Afghanistan. As part of the training, Sgt Burke decided to increase the professionalism of the soldiers he trained by adding elements of writing and reading to it.  Sgt Burke made these changes with the encouragement approval and support of his platoon leader. “If these officers can read and write they will communicate much more effectively,” said Sgt Burke. Classes in both English and Pashto are being taught, so the officers have to work hard to master skills in both languages.   But the new skills will enable the officers to communicate much more readily with both other officers, the villagers and the public, and with people they encounter. The soldiers in Burke’s unit involved in the training help out in all different areas of the training.  They do receive some assistance and support from interpreters to assist with the reading and writing skills. “They are learning about different enforcement techniques, different weapons systems, language, religion and customs,” said Burke. “We are all working hard together, everyone is being very cooperative and it helps the speed of training tremendously,” said Burke.




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