National Guard Training – What is your Specialty?

There are more than 150 jobs offered by the National Guard. Chances are that you can find a career path that suits you well. Of course, there is a lot of training that goes into every one of these positions.

If you are interested in joining the National Guard, regardless of the type of career, click here to request more information.

No matter who you are, if you join the National Guard you must go through 10 weeks of basic training. This is going to be difficult on your mind and body, but when you make your way out the other side you will be better off for it.

After basic training you will move into Advanced Individual Training. This is when you begin to focus on your specialty. Some people only go through a few weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Others have to spend a year or longer. This is all based on your specialty.

Some of the most common National Guard career categories include: infantry, armor and field artillery, aviation, medical, military police, transportation, logistics support, mechanic and maintenance, signal and military intelligence, engineer, administrative, interpreter, translator, and Special Forces.

No matter which type of career you want to get involved with, you will go through intense training. It will be hard, but all the training you received is meant to better you as a member of the National Guard as well as a person.




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