B-2 Bomber Crashes Both Pilots Safe

Aviators Eject Safely As Aircraft Crashes On Air Base In Guam Hagatna, Guam A stealth bomber with two pilots on board experienced problems and lost power over Guam on Saturday, but both pilots managed to make it to safety.  The B-2 bomber crashed on the Air Base in Guam, but both of the pilots that were on board were able to eject and parachute safely to earth. Both of the pilots involved are in good condition and safe, according to the Air Force. This was the first reported crash of the B-2 bomber since it went into service in the 1980’s, according to Captain Sheila Johnson.  Johnson is a spokeswoman for the Air Force at Langley AB in Virginia. The wreckage and thick black smoke from the Crash at Andersen Air Base on Guam could be seen from miles away.  The proper channels will investigate the crash; a board of Air Force Officers will also investigate the crash.  In all there are about twenty-one bombers in the B-2 fleet, and they are all based at Whiteman Air Base located in Missouri. Several bombers at a time have been rotated through Guam, to help support the effort in the Middle East.  The first time that the B-2 bomber was seen by the general public was in 1998. The cost of a B-2 bomber is about $1.2 billion dollars.  This is the first report of a B-2 bomber crashing since the 1980s, when if first became public.  A few bombers have been rotating through the Guam Air Base en route to support roles in the fighting in the Middle East.




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