Marine Hero Gets Second Tour In Iraq

Sergeant Boutwell Excited About Upcoming Deployment Many times heroes that are wounded return to a much-deserved rest in the United States.  But there are times when despite being wounded, members of our Armed Forces simply want to return to duty, as soon as they can. Marine Sergeant Boutwell is one of those types of Heroes.  Sergeant Boutwell was wounded in an attack in 2004.  Boutwell was severely injured during an attack in the Anwar Province of Iraq, while on duty in 2004.  An intelligence specialist with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, an explosion while on patrol. Because of his injuries, Sergeant Boutwell was headed for retirement.  But, he fought and finally was allowed to lateral to a different specialty, Marine Intelligence, and allowed to re enlist. “Leaving Iraq was the hardest things I ever had to do, I wanted to stay with my men,” said Sgt Boutwell. After the explosion, which knocked him unconscious, Boutwell woke up in a hospital in Germany.  He transferred to an Army medical center in Texas, and over the next two years underwent over 18 surgeries.  But he finally has been cleared to regain Active Duty status, and can’t wait to get back to Iraq and join the fight. “It is a lot different now than it was in 2004, things are much better,” said Boutwell.  “I can testify that we made a difference, it’s a huge difference between now and how it was when I was there in 2004,” said Sgt Boutwell. Sergeant Boutwell is a fine example of Marine Duty, Honor and Commitment.  He is preparing for his second visit, his deployment back to Operation Iraqi Freedom.




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