Realtor By Trade Soldier By Choice

Specialist Rizzo Works To Serve Country With Pride Camp Taji, Iraq Serving in the United States Army has always been a dream of Army Specialist Juliana Rizzo. She had lived for a number of years in Long Island, NY with two young children, when she decided it was time to realize her dream. Spc Rizzo had worked for a number of years as a realtor, and decided that she wanted to investigate Army service. Juliana comes from a proud Army tradition, both her grandfather and her father served their country with pride, and Juliana decided that it was time for her. “When I was a little girl, I wanted to follow my father and grandfather, and be in the Army,” said Spc Rizzo. Spc Rizzo is a specialist in Supply with Company E, 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, and Task Force 12.  Both of her relatives have had very successful jobs in civilian life outside the military, but both started their education and careers in the Army. Specialist Rizzo is a high achiever, when in training in Germany during an Iron Warrior exercise she shocked her fellow soldiers.  She went up to the Iraqi Role players and started talking to them in her own language. “No one knew that she spoke any Arabic,” said Sgt. Major Chad Cuomo. “She definitely the battle hero that day,” said Sgt. Major Cuomo. Specialist Rizzo is now a corporal, and will be promoted to Sergeant soon.  She has worked hard to excel at the different parts of her job, and is a credit and example of fine Army soldering.




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